Countries Where DFC is Unable to Provide Support

Certain U.S. laws and regulations currently prohibit DFC from supporting investments in the countries listed below. With certain exceptions, DFC is unable to work in high income countries or support investments in countries where the governments of those countries have not entered into agreements with the United States authorizing DFC to provide such support.

From time to time, DFC may suspend or otherwise limit support for new projects in other countries not listed below, pursuant to the foreign policy guidance of the Secretary of State and other considerations.

*The European Energy Security and Diversification Act of 2019 authorizes DFC to support certain energy-related investments in eligible European and Eurasian high-income countries and areas, including certain countries listed below (designated by an asterisk (*)) where DFC would otherwise not be able to operate.

Countries Where DFC Cannot Provide Support (List Last Updated August 2022)

Africa and Middle East
Bahrain Libya Seychelles
Iran Oman Sudan
Israel Qatar Syria
Kuwait Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates
Europe and Eurasia*
Andorra Guernsey* Northern Ireland*
Austria* Holy See Norway*
Belarus Hungary* Poland*
Belgium* Iceland Portugal*
Croatia* Ireland* Romania*
Cyprus* Italy* Russia
Czech Republic* Jersey* San Marino
Denmark* Latvia* Slovakia*
Estonia* Liechtenstein Slovenia*
Finland* Lithuania* Spain*
France* Luxembourg* Sweden
Germany* Malta* Switzerland
Greece* Monaco United Kingdom*
Greenland* The Netherlands*  
Asia and the Pacific
Australia Hong Kong Solomon Islands
Bangladesh Japan South Korea
Bhutan Macau Taiwan, Amer. Inst.
Brunei Nauru Thailand
China New Zealand Vanuatu
Cook Islands North Korea  
French Polynesia Singapore  
Latin America and Caribbean
Anguilla Cayman Islands Panama
Antigua and Barbuda Chile St. Barthelemy
Aruba Cuba St. Kitts and Nevis
The Bahamas Curaçao St. Martin
Barbados French Guiana Sint Maarten
Bermuda Guadeloupe Trinidad and Tobago
British Virgin Islands Martinique Turks and Caicos
Canada Montserrat Uruguay

Please contact DFC for information regarding countries not listed at