The countries of South and Southeast Asia have significant rural, low-income populations for whom healthcare is both difficult to access and afford. According to the World Bank, these countries have on average re fewer than two hospital beds per 1,000 people, while in India this figure is 0.7 beds per 1,000 people. Additionally, the cost of treatment can be a significant deterrent to seeking care.

Solution and Impact

Financing is helping Quadria Capital II, LP invest in all parts of the healthcare value chain in South and Southeast Asia, including hospitals and other treatment facilities, medical laboratories, and manufacturers of medical devices and equipment to improve the availability and affordability of healthcare across the region.

Quadria investments supported by DFC include Akums Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, an Indian manufacturer that supplies 10 percent of the drugs sold in India and employs 11,000 people including about 2,700 women. DFC financing has also supported Quadria’s investment in the Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, a major gastric sciences hospital in India that serves 150,000 patients annually.