Remarks by DFC CEO Scott Nathan to Media at Gazelle Finance Event

DFC and Gazelle signing ceremony
DFC and Gazelle Finance signed an agreement to advance a technical assistance grant that will provide economic assistance and stability for Ukrainian SMEs that have been impacted by war.

CEO Scott Nathan

June 21, 2022

Well, I’m thrilled to be here in Georgia visiting this fantastic facility. I arrived just an hour ago at the airport and came straight here to Fruit Logistics so that we could celebrate not only the great investment that Gazelle Finance has made here in Georgia, but also our new memorandum supporting Ukrainian businesses that are displaced and relocating, hopefully temporarily, to Georgia.

The memorandum of understanding that we signed today will enable financial support for Ukrainian businesses that are displaced here temporarily because of the brutal aggression, the unjustified and unprovoked war that Russia is waging on Ukraine.

It’s important that Ukrainian businesses have the ability to survive the war so that when the war is over, they can go back and help rebuild the economy. It’s also particularly important for women-owned businesses. Given that many men are staying in Ukraine to fight the war, women-owned businesses need support to be able to survive.

So, the Development Finance Corporation and the United States are very pleased to provide technical assistance through Gazelle Finance to help support these businesses so that they can survive and help rebuild Ukraine.