Latin America

Latin America accounts for about a quarter of DFC’s global portfolio and is the focus of multiple initiatives to support development, empower women, and promote investment as a stabilizing force.

In Colombia, financing is supporting construction of the Rumchaca-Pasto Toll Road, which is projected to serve almost seven million vehicles per year by 2020, reducing transit times, improving safety, and expanding a major commercial route to help farmers reach larger markets.


This region has attracted increased investment since the fall of Communism in the 1990s and remains critical to U.S. foreign policy.

In Ukraine, political risk insurance is supporting construction of a nuclear waste storage facility that will advance energy independence by reducing the need to ship spent fuel to Russia.

Middle East and North Africa

DFC’s commitment to investing as a stabilizing force has led to a strong focus on many regions in the Middle East that are affected by conflict.

Financing supported construction of an award-winning natural gas power plants outside of Amman, increasing the country’s energy generating capacity and lowering the cost of power.