Will the project be located in a country where DFC programs are available?

Visit Where We Work to learn more.

Is the investor seeking financing for the medium to long-term?

DFC offers debt financing in the form of direct loans and loan guaranties to support medium to long-term investments projects in emerging markets. Loans typically range from three to 15 years, with tenors as long as 25 years.

Does the requested loan size fall within DFC’s range of support?

DFC offers financing from $1 million up to $1 billion per project.

Are investors contributing sufficient equity to the project?

Investors must be willing to have sufficient exposure to the project to support its long-term viability.

Does the investor have a successful track record in the industry?                                 

All projects DFC supports must be within the competence of the management team, and should be demonstrated by a recent, proven record of success in the same or a closely related business as evidenced by financial statements.

Will the proposed project comply with DFC’s investment policies?

DFC requires that all the projects it supports respect the environment, worker rights, human rights, and local communities, while also encouraging a positive host country impact. Visit Investment Policies.

Have investors sought financing from private lenders?

DFC complements, rather than competes, with private sector lenders and supports projects that have been unable to obtain sufficient support from private lenders.