As a leader in Impact Investing, DFC aims to support businesses of all sizes address common development challenges such as access to education, housing, and healthcare as well as financial inclusion. 

The Portfolio for Impact, or PI program, seeks to support early stage projects that demonstrate significant potential to achieve a positive social or environmental impact. These projects often find securing financing particularly challenging because they are small or early-stage.

PI applicants will be evaluated based on various criteria including the following:

Social Impact

  • A business model with intrinsic, measurable, and scalable social impact
  • Socially responsible investors/partners


  • A product, service, or business model that is innovative and/or targets a new customer segment or geography


  • Ability to execute strategy based on team experience, background and composition

Track Record

  • At least one year of operating history
  • Beyond “proof of concept” phase with quantifiable results


  • At least $1 million in assets or annual revenue
  • At breakeven or on a credible path to breakeven within 12-24 months
  • Positive net equity position
  • Financial ratios on a case-by-case basis

To Apply

Applicants interested in PI should complete the DFC financing application through the forms dashboard. Once an application is submitted, the assigned DFC investment officer will determine if a project meets the minimum impact and credit criteria for PI. If selected, the project will go through the PI underwriting and approval process tailored for smaller, high impact projects. Projects that are not selected for PI can still be considered by DFC under our standard DFC financing procedures. 

For more information, contact