Infrastructure and Critical Minerals
Infrastructure and Critical Minerals
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Poor infrastructure in Nepal limits efficient ground transportation and business activity. Approximately half of the roads in the country are unpaved. and the World Economic Forum ranks Nepal 120 among 141 countries for the quality of roads. Limited investment in infrastructure and technology has been a hurdle to further development.

Solution and Impact

DFC—through its equity investment in Dolma Impact Fund II—is supporting an investment in the business-to-business logistics provider Upaya City Cargo Pvt. Ltd. Upaya offers an app with a logistics solution for a variety of services, including ride-hailing, inner-city deliveries, last-mile deliveries, sorting and bundling services, warehousing services, and long-distance bulk deliveries around the country.

The business serves more than 5,000 individuals, small businesses, and corporate clients and has grown from 100 daily trips in 2019 to more than 1,000 today. Upaya also delivers packages to more than 90 locations around the country and has partnered with several local e-commerce businesses to fulfill takeout and grocery deliveries.

Upaya has incorporated technology to improve customer service, standardized pricing to avoid the need for bargaining, and customized dashboards so business clients can track trip history and billing data.