The Independent Accountability Mechanism—previously the Office of Accountability—is an independent office within DFC that addresses concerns, complaints, or conflicts about environmental or social issues that may arise around DFC-supported projects. The office provides project-affected communities, project sponsors, and project workers an opportunity to have concerns independently reviewed and addressed.

The Independent Accountability Mechanism offers two types of services:

  • Work with parties to help resolve a conflict, available to both project-affected parties and DFC clients
  • Conduct an investigation about how DFC applied its relevant policies to a project and is available to project-affected parties, as well as DFC’s Board and President 

The Independent Accountability Mechanism is mandated to provide these services upon request in a manner that is accessible, fair, objective, and transparent. In providing its services, the office complements DFC’s mission as a financial institution that promotes environmentally and socially sustainable development.

About Us

On September 9, 2020, the DFC Board of Directors approved the implementation document: Independent Accountability Mechanism for the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation.

The Director of the Independent Accountability Mechanism coordinates all office services, updates its website, and manages its budget. The Director reports directly to DFC’s Board of Directors.

The Independent Accountability Mechanism is developing its new Terms of Reference (TOR) and engaging in a related public consultation process. Associated documents will be posted below. These documents will include a Stakeholder Engagement Plan, a Draft TOR, discussion notes for webinars, and a Consultation Summary Report.

The IAM invites interested stakeholders to provide comments on the Draft TOR by July 30, 2024. For more information on how to comment, please see the Stakeholder Engagement Plan. The IAM will also be hosting two virtual webinars on June 20 and 21, 2024. Registration details will be posted on IAM’s LinkedIn page

Public Registry of Cases



Project NameActionStatus
Israel: Noble Energy Leviathan Project Problem-Solving and Compliance Review 

Problem-solving Closed

Compliance Review Closed

Unregistered or Ineligible Requests

CountryReceipt Date, Sector, and SubjectStatus and Justification
KenyaOn July 12, 2024, a coalition of Kenyan and international CSOs representing several former pupils of the Bridge International Academies in Kenya submitted a request to the IAM to be included in the on-going DFC-CEO requested compliance review of the Bridge Case. This case relates to whether OPIC or DFC was made aware of, or, should have been aware of, alleged child sexual abuse at the Bridge schools in Kenya, and whether OPIC and DFC failed to take action with respect to such allegations. The requestors also seek IAM’s facilitation of appropriate remedy.IAM acknowledged receipt of the request on July 12, 2024. As part of conducting an eligibility assessment of the request, the IAM expects to engage with management next week.
MozambiqueOn August 6, 2021, the IAM received a request by a CSO coalition alleging adverse impacts related to inadequate consultation, resettlement, and livelihoods associated with a DFC-supported project in the oil and gas sector.Registration and eligibility determination is still pending. IAM had multiple e-mail exchanges or conversations with the CSO coalition. IAM requested evidence demonstrating that the CSO coalition was selected as the representative of the affected communities impacted by a DFC-supported project.

Management-Requested Reviews

Kenya: Bridge International AcademiesCompliance Review requestedInitiating Compliance Review

Archived Cases

Project NameActionStatus
Southeast Europe Equity Fund IIProblem-SolvingClosed
Mongolia Big Bend Gold Mining ProjectProblem-SolvingClosed
Pakistan K-Electric ProjectProblem-SolvingClosed
Pakistan DG Khan CementProblem-SolvingClosed
Bolivia Coeur d’Alene MinesProblem-Solving and Compliance ReviewClosed
Mexico Cerro de Oro HydroelectricProblem-Solving and Compliance ReviewClosed
Baku - Tbilisi – Ceyhan PipelineCompliance ReviewClosed

Management Requested Reviews

Project NameActionStatus
Assessment of OPIC's Environmental and Social (E&S) Monitoring of ProjectsInternally-Requested ReviewCompleted
Buchanan RenewablesInternally-Requested Lessons Learned ReviewCompleted
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To file a complaint, please download this template and follow the indicated instructions.


Annual Activity Reports

May 2024 Interim Activity Report to Congress

2023 Annual Activity Report to Congress

2022 Annual Activity Report to Congress

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Guide for Communities

The Independent Accountability Mechanism addresses environmental or social concerns and conflicts that emerge around DFC-supported projects.

Guide for DFC Clients

The Independent Accountability Mechanism provides DFC clients and project-affected parties with tools for addressing disputes that may arise around DFC-supported projects.