Feasibility studies and technical assistance accelerate project identification and preparation to better attract and support private investment in development.

DFC is issuing a Notice of Grant Funding Opportunity of $5 million from the Technical Assistance Division to increase the impact, success, and sustainability of early stage, innovative and/or high impact companies and funds that receive DFC financing. Interested applicants can visit this link and contact swaage@dfc.gov to learn more. Applications must be received by email no later than 11:59 p.m. ET on December 19, 2023.

In most cases, grants for feasibility studies and technical assistance will be designed to increase the developmental impact or improve the commercial sustainability of a project that has received, or may receive, DFC financing or insurance support. The program complements and does not duplicate work funded by other agencies or financiers.

DFC determines the technical assistance, feasibility study, or training work to be provided, and the grant recipient selects an entity with relevant expertise and experience that will perform that work. In addition, the program provides technical assistance for certain development credit activities requested by other agencies by utilizing a competitively selected pool of contractors.

A current or potential DFC client that has submitted an application for DFC financing or insurance support can inform DFC of the client’s interest in the program at or following the time of submission of that application.

For more information, please contact DFC’s Feasibility Studies and Technical Assistance office or the DFC business line office that is your primary DFC contact point.