Office of the Chief Executive

Scott Nathan
Chief Executive Officer
Agnes Dasewicz
Chief Operating Officer
Jane Rhee
Chief of Staff
Michelle Czarniak
Deputy Chief of Staff
Naz El-Khatib
Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy
Neonu Jewell
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Jake Levine
Chief Climate Officer
Aparna Shrivastava
Deputy Chief Climate Officer
Heather Samuelson
Senior Vice President for Administration

Executive Staff

Elizabeth Boggs Davidsen
Vice President, Development Policy
Julie Bulgrin
Managing Director, Congressional Affairs
Amanda M. Burke
Deputy Vice President, External Affairs
Mildred Callear
Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, Financial and Portfolio Management
Tina Donbeck
Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Sarah E. Fandell
Vice President and General Counsel
Alison J. Germak
Deputy Vice President, Development Credit
Andrew M. Herscowitz
Chief Development Officer
Maryam Khosharay
Deputy Vice President, Mission Transaction Unit
Caitlin Klevorick
Vice President, External Affairs
Jody Myers
Chief Risk Officer
James C. Polan
Vice President, Development Credit
Chris Walker
Deputy Vice President, Development Policy
Tracey Webb
Vice President, Structured Finance and Insurance
Keron White
Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer
William White Jr.
Vice President and Chief Human Capital Officer
Anthony Zakel
Inspector General