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Dalberg Advisors: DFC Loans to Latin American Financial Intermediaries

DFC commissioned Dalberg Advisors to undertake an independent development impact performance assessment of DFC loans to financial intermediaries in Latin America. Between October 2021 and March 2022, Dalberg reviewed 36 DFC loans across 29 financial intermediaries in nine countries to provide a comprehensive view of impact performance against development objectives and to identify lessons learned. The assessment evaluated the performance of financial institutions and their relevant portfolios across three dimensions: 1) development outcomes; 2) compliance with DFC loan covenant; and 3) likelihood of the sustainability of impacts after DFC's loan matures.

Capital Mobilization Impacts Resulting from DFC’s Political Risk Product: McKinsey Impact Assessment Report

To better understand the effectiveness of DFC's political risk insurance (PRI) product in achieving the agency's core mission of mobilizing private capital to achieve positive developmental results, DFC commissioned McKinsey to conduct an independent study framed around three primary objectives: 1) to understand the PRI and reinsurance context and channels for impact through a detailed analysis of the market landscape and a robust literature review; 2) to critically review the impact of 14 projects that have received DFC support by analyzing quantitative data and conducting a qualitative assessment through in-depth interviews with key DFC and market stakeholders; and 3) to develop a clear set of lessons learned and recommendations that DFC can consider that could allow the organization to deploy its PRI and reinsurance products more strategically and better measure and articulate its impact on mobilizing private capital.

Dalberg Advisors: Assessment of DFC’s Portfolio for Impact and Innovation Portfolio Across Financial Risk, Return, and Impact

DFC’s PI² program targets investments in small, early-stage businesses—many operating in highly volatile markets—with the goal of scaling innovative solutions to global development challenges. These investment decisions require that DFC balance relatively higher financial risks and possibly lower financial returns with the potential for significant development impact. DFC contracted Dalberg Advisers to assess the performance of a sample of mature PI² investments across the dimensions of financial risk, return, and development impact to better understand the development impacts that have been achieved, notwithstanding elevated operational and market risks. The study gleaned some important lessons and recommendations that will help DFC more strategically and effectively use its expertise and financial tools to catalyze capital in high-risk, highly developmental projects in the future.


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