DFC Commits $250 Million to Strengthen Food Security in Ukraine

Media Release


WASHINGTON – The U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) has committed a $250 million loan to MHP SE to support the Ukrainian poultry and grain producer’s efforts to mitigate the effects of Russia’s war against Ukraine. The funds would be used to refinance maturing debt and support the continued maintenance and war-related expenditures of its poultry and grain production. The loan would also support the company’s ability to increase food production and storage and support its export capacity, while mitigating the devastating effects of food insecurity exacerbated by the war.

“Improving food security is a priority for DFC, particularly as Russian aggression against Ukraine has endangered global agricultural supply chains and put millions at risk for malnutrition and hunger. As one of the top global exporters of wheat, corn, barley, and poultry, Ukraine’s ability to supply markets with critical staples is vital to the health and stability of many nations,” said DFC CEO Scott Nathan. “DFC is open for business in Ukraine and working with the private sector to advance ongoing efforts to operate in the face of Russia’s unjustified war. DFC continues to seek opportunities to invest in Ukraine’s private sector now and into the future.”

The loan to MHP SE would provide the company with funds to assist in the company’s refinancing needs for existing debt as well as capital to support improvements to facilities, including increased storage capacity and installation of electrical backups. DFC’s loan would also support the company’s transportation operations, increasing the company’s ability to transport goods via truck over land. These investments would support MHP SE’s production and export capacity.

As part of DFC’s broader efforts to support the Ukrainian private sector, DFC is mobilizing financing to support Ukraine’s agricultural supply chain to ensure that the people of Ukraine can feed themselves and their families. DFC’s investment will help build more resilient food systems to mitigate against future food shocks.

DFC has committed $425 million in new transactions in Ukraine over the last year across a variety of sectors and all of its lines of business, including through equity investments, political risk insurance, debt financing, and technical assistance.


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