The Office of Accountability is an independent office within DFC that addresses concerns, complaints, or conflicts about environmental or social issues that may arise around DFC-supported projects. The office provides project-affected communities, project sponsors, and project workers an opportunity to have concerns independently reviewed and addressed.

The Office of Accountability offers two types of services:

  • Work with parties to help resolve a conflict, available to both project-affected parties and DFC clients
  • Conduct an investigation about how DFC applied its relevant policies to a project and is available to project-affected parties, as well as DFC’s Board and President 

The Office of Accountability is mandated to provide these services upon request in a manner that is accessible, fair, objective, and transparent. In providing its services, the office complements DFC’s mission as a financial institution that promotes environmentally and socially-sustainable development.

The Director of the Office of Accountability coordinates all office services, updates its website, and manages its budget. To maintain the office’s ability to provide services independently of DFC’s financial operations, the Director reports directly to DFC’s Board of Directors.

On September 9, 2020, the DFC Board of Directors approved the implementation document: Independent Accountability Mechanism for the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation.

Guide for Communities

The Office of Accountability addresses environmental or social concerns and conflicts that emerge around DFC-supported projects.

Guide for DFC Clients

The Office of Accountability provides DFC clients and project-affected parties with tools for addressing disputes that may arise around DFC-supported projects.

Public Registry of Cases

A list of Office of Accountability current cases, archived cases, and management requested reviews.