Statement by DFC CEO Adam Boehler Following His Meeting With Indonesian President Joko Widodo


JAKARTA  U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) Chief Executive Officer Adam Boehler issued a statement following his meeting with Indonesian President Joko Widodo today in Jakarta:

“Indonesia represents an immense opportunity for investment in sustainable, responsible, and inclusive development. This vast and growing market—the largest economy in Southeast Asia—is a regional leader and critical partner of the United States in advancing our many shared goals throughout the Indo-Pacific. The new U.S. International Development Finance Corporation will play a critical role in supporting Indonesia, particularly by developing quality infrastructure that establishes a strong foundation for the country’s next stage of growth,” said Boehler.

During the meeting, Boehler highlighted the strategic partnership between the United States and Indonesia and noted the Government of Indonesia’s commitment to supporting economic growth through the development of critical infrastructure and reforms to reduce the cost of doing business. He also underscored DFC’s commitment to supporting Indonesia’s infrastructure plans by catalyzing private sector investment in infrastructure projects that are financially viable, adhere to high social and environmental standards, and promote inclusive economic growth.

Boehler and President Joko Widodo discussed opportunities to accelerate Indonesia’s infrastructure agenda, including through their shared commitment to developing quality transportation, energy, and digital infrastructure to foster greater regional and global connectivity. They also discussed DFC’s ongoing cooperation with other partners to identify development finance opportunities in Indonesia.




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