The world’s largest emerging market isn’t a country or region; it’s the world’s women.

DFC’s 2X Women’s Initiative is committed to addressing the unique challenges women face globally and unlocking the multi-trillion dollar opportunity they represent. Through 2X, DFC has catalyzed more than $3 billion of investment in projects that are owned by women, led by women, or provide a product or service that empowers women. In 2020, DFC committed to catalyzing an additional $6 billion of private sector investment in global women's economic empowerment. DFC also applies a gender lens to every project it considers to help ensure that women will benefit.

Under 2X, DFC has also enhanced its focus on reaching women in regions of the world where they face particular challenges to full economic empowerment. Through 2X Africa, DFC has committed to catalyzing $1 billion of investment in Africa’s women. Additionally, DFC has mobilized millions of dollars of investments in women across Latin America and the Caribbean through 2X Americas. Under the initiative, the agency has surpassed its initial $500 million goal and committed, in collaboration with Citi, to catalyzing an additional $500 million of investment in the region’s women.

DFC’s 2X Women’s Initiative has also inspired peer development finance institutions (DFIs) around the globe to collaborate through the 2X Challenge, together catalyzing more than $4.5 billion of investment in the world’s women to date. Further, the 2X Women’s Initiative plays a key role in advancing the Administration’s broader Women’s Global Development and Prosperity (W-GDP) Initiative, which has empowered 12 million women worldwide thus far.