DFC’s investments across the developing world are helping advance the ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 has presented a global health emergency and exposed weaknesses in health systems in the developing world. The crisis has highlighted the need for investments focused on pandemic preparedness, including improvements in infrastructure, capacity-building for health workers, and strengthening the global health sector.

DFC is supporting efforts to improve vaccine equity and supply by increasing manufacturing capacity in multiple regions and with multiple technologies and products. DFC not only invests in vaccine manufacturing, but also other health commodity manufacturing including for diagnostics, therapeutics, and ancillary supplies. This robust approach is tailored to advance long-term sustainable solutions that address current and future health threats.

Further, through DFC’s Global Health and Prosperity Initiative the agency has supported nearly $2 billion in investment over 25 health projects that are bolstering the COVID-19 response and helping build greater health resilience. DFC's investments are also helping advance DFI collaboration on infrastructure development to bolster private sector investment in shared priority sectors including climate, health, gender equality, and digital connectivity.