Limited access to financial services disproportionately impacts women and rural populations, restricting economic growth in emerging markets.

Many developing countries face a considerable credit gap that prevents women-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs from reaching their full potential. By enabling individuals to start and grow businesses, financial services increase revenues and incomes, create jobs, and help communities grow. They also help farmers grow more food, families buy homes, and individuals access sanitation, healthcare, and education.

DFC is committed to supporting projects that help small businesses, women entrepreneurs, and other underserved groups access loans that support their businesses, families, and communities.

Through the 2X Women’s Initiative, DFC has catalyzed more than $7 billion of private sector investment in projects that economically empower women in developing countries—often by expanding access to financing for women entrepreneurs.

DFC's investments are helping advance the Build Back Better World (B3W) Initiative, which aims to mobilize private sector capital for infrastructure projects in four key areas: climate change mitigation and adaptation, global health, gender equity and equality, and information and communications technology.