Despite having one of the more developed power sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya still lacks sufficient electricity. Millions of people do not have access to a reliable source of power and the country’s strong dependence on hydropower makes it vulnerable to droughts.

Solution and Impact

DFC provided financing and reinsurance to support construction of the 100 MW Kipeto Wind Power Project, along with a 15-mile transmission line to connect to the national grid. The plant, which began operations in January 2021, is the second-largest wind power project in Kenya and has the capacity to supply power to approximately 250,000 households, based on current energy use for typical families. Located in the Rift Valley about 70 miles south of Nairobi, the project is also situated to feed into Nairobi’s industrial hubs.

The wind farm turbines are spread across 32 Maasai farms and the owners will directly benefit from the revenue produced from the turbines house on their land via lease agreements.