DFC supports investment in climate mitigation, resilience, and adaptation in the developing world, with a focus on nature finance and diversifying the critical minerals supply chain. This focus spans all the sectors in which we invest.

Climate change is affecting communities and ecosystems around the world—but low-income countries experience the most devastating effects. DFC recognizes the grave challenges ahead but also the vast opportunities that ultimately will attract tens of trillions of dollars in investments across nearly every sector of the economy.

DFC has emerged as a distinct leader in strengthening U.S. climate finance and energy security. Our climate investments span a diversity of transactions big and small in industries including clean energy manufacturing, nature-based solutions, and food security and resilience.

Addressing challenges of this scale requires new and enduring sources of collaboration among the private sector, governments, and international organizations. This approach is integral to DFC’s core mission and remains one that, since our founding in 2019, we have been uniquely positioned to address.