The Middle East and North Africa region comprises multiple emerging economies as well as countries that are affected by current or past conflict and will benefit from investment as a stabilizing force.

DFC is committed to mobilizing private sector investment that improves lives, expands access to essential services such as clean water and electricity, builds critical infrastructure, advances women’s economic empowerment, and supports the development of natural resources. By addressing some of the region’s greatest development challenges, DFC’s work in the Middle East and North Africa also supports U.S. foreign policy and national security.

DFC’s Joint Investment for Peace Initiative, created by the Middle East Partnership for Peace Act, strives to encourage cooperation between Palestinians and Israelis by promoting economic growth in the Palestinian private sector economy, particularly by increasing investment in small- and medium-sized enterprises in high value-added or emerging industries like technology and agriculture. To learn more, read DFC's factsheet (English | Arabic | Hebrew) or contact