Israel: Noble Energy Leviathan Project


Milestones and OA ActionsDateRemarks
Request received by OA05/31/19The complaint raises concerns about pollution, particularly risks to the marine and coastal environment of the eastern Mediterranean as well as possible safety risk related to possible blowouts.
Request acknowledged by OA06/03/19 
Eligibility of request determined09/26/19Requests from Oasis Earth, Alaska as well as Zalul and Israel Homeland Guards, Israel
Assessment conducted12/11/19 – 02/21/20Final Noble Energy Leviathan Assessment Report 
Problem-solving initiated12/11/19 
Problem-solving terminated02/21/20Company did not agree to participate
Monitoring initiated  


Compliance Review

Milestones and OA ActionsDateRemarks
Request received by OA03/09/2020Request from Israel Homeland Guards, Zalul, and Oasis Earth
Request acknowledged by OA03/10/2020 
Eligibility of request determined03/10/2020 
Assessment conducted A separate assessment for compliance review was not necessary
Compliance review initiated04/28/2020 
Compliance review completed and parties notified08/10/2020Noble Energy Leviathan Project Compliance Review Appraisal Report
Management response issued  
Monitoring initiated