DFC is committed to investing in projects that combat the climate crisis.

DFC seeks to unlock high-quality private investment to support climate adaptation solutions for vulnerable communities, with priority to low and lower-middle income countries. If you are a small or medium enterprise that’s helping provide tools and capabilities to adapt to the impacts of climate change, visit this link or contact adaptation@dfc.gov to learn more about submitting a business proposal for DFC support. 

President Biden has named climate change as the existential threat of our time and called on DFC to support investment in climate mitigation, resilience, and adaptation in the developing world. While climate change impacts all countries, emerging economies are often particularly vulnerable because they lack the infrastructure, insurance, and agriculture technology to protect against severe weather.

In fiscal year 2022, DFC committed more than $2.3 billion for climate-linked projects, including more than $390 million in climate adaptation and an additional $200 million in deals that will generate adaption co-benefits.

DFC’s work in the climate mitigation, adaptation, and resilience sectors includes support for projects that are expanding insurance for smallholder farmers, advancing ecosystem conservation, and building climate-resilient infrastructure.

DFC is also a leader in financing projects that help countries generate power from renewable sources including solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal.